Safety Program

Safely transporting products for our customers ranks in importance with productivity and customer satisfaction. Myers Transport, Inc. takes pride in transporting our customers' products in a safe and timely manner.

Myers Transport, Inc. understands that by working together and accepting shared responsibilities with our customers, we can manage injuries and accidents which will help achieve a safety record that we can both be proud of. We feel that to have a successful Safety Program it is necessary for us to immediately share any information pertaining to the safe transportation of our customers' products.

Our company team is committed to providing a safe and injury free work environment. We maintain a health and safety program that is continually evolving and adapting to developing technologies and industry standards. All Myers Transport, Inc. employees must have the proper attitude concerning injury and accident prevention, which consists of proper education and training to recognize and eliminate unsafe working conditions and unsafe acts.

We work very closely with our insurance agency to make sure we are up to date on all safety regulations. Our insurance agency performs audits on our safety program throughout the year and we have maintained an above average rating since we have been in business. The FMSCA has also performed safety audits of our operations and we have maintained a satisfactory rating.

Myers Transport, Inc. is also proud of operating a drug free workplace so that all employees have the same opportunity to perform at their highest levels.

We feel that the cooperation and interaction concerning health and safety matters between all parties involved should be maintained to ensure a productive and profitable partnership among participating businesses.